Since both Optometrists & Orthoptists perform common eye examinations , this site encourages Optometrists to register their days off as well.

WHY Optometrists ?

Ophthalmic clinics are now increasingly employing Optometrists at their practices, therefore having Optometrists listed with our website is very useful for when:

(1) The Orthoptists registered with their days off, happen to be unavailable for that requested day/ or do not fit the Ophthalmic practices requirements eg: years of experience, ability to refract -  then Find an Orthoptist will recommend an Optometrist instead.
(2) The Ophthalmic practice, especially Refractive Laser Centres may request an Orthoptist with strong refractive skills, therefore Find an Orthoptist will recommend an Optometrist in the case where the listed Orthoptists do not have strong/ fast refraction skills.
(3) The Ophthalmic practice may specifically request an Optometrist as first preference.

Having Optometrists on board allows greater choice for Ophthalmic practices when lodging an urgent request, with more chance of all urgent requests being fulfilled especially when the urgent request has undesirable times/hours or in far/remote areas - with both Orthoptists & Optometrists listed, there’s greater chance for clinics to have the right person fill in & more importantly for the Ophthalmologist to not be without assistance.

Incentives for Optometrists to register their days off
(1) Great experience & exposure to take away, after working in an Ophthalmic setting along side an Ophthalmologist/s.
(2) Great change & variety from purely refraction all day.
(3) Name your rate of pay / very attractive rates of pay usually offered, as it’s a one off day/ position & sometimes at short notice.
(4) No obligation to accept the urgent/random position if you are unavailable.
(5) You may specify to work only for another Optometry practice (no Ophthalmic clinics, if that's important to the Optometrist)
Optometry practices
Since this service keeps tracks of Optometrists with days off primarily for Ophthalmic practices, Optometry practices may also take advantage & request an Optometrist should they need one urgently on the same day/ next day or on any random day/s ahead.
Optometry practices can locate Optometrists with days off, by using the same "Urgent" request form, which the Ophthalmic clinics use.
How can Optometrists register their days off for FREE?
- On the home page, click on : “Keeping track of your days off / register here for FREE”
- Using the same form which Orthoptists use to register their days off, Optometrists can specify their profession further down on the form.

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