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WHO CAN REGISTER their 'Days Off'?

Orthoptists, Optometrists, Ophthalmic Assistants, Ophthalmic Technicians, Ophthalmic Nurses

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Registering your "Days Off"

Registering for free allows part time/casual Orthoptists to disclose their days off, in order for Find an Orthoptist to notify these Orthoptists in case an Ophthalmologist is in need of an Orthoptist at short notice eg: same day/ next day or on any random day/s ahead.

Find an Orthoptist has even been able to successfully place Orthoptists at extremely short notices eg: on the same day, with a request lodged at 11.00am to start work at 1.30pm



Why should I Register? / Incentive to Register your "Days Off"?

  1. You will be highly valued  - especially to those desperate practices who really need you to cover especially at such short notice, eg: same day, when their usual Orthoptist has suddenly called in sick ! with patients booked all day, the last thing any practice wants to do is reschedule or cancel patients!
  2. Name your rate of pay - since it is your "day off"  you may 'name your hourly rate of pay' if thats what will give you that incentive to work on your day off. Remember no cut from that rate of pay will be taken by Find an Orthoptist & no fees are charged to Orthoptists.
  3. Not obliged to work if you happen to be busy - If you have registered any given day or days,  it doesn't mean that you must cover if an urgent or random position arises, just because you've registered. If it so happens that you are busy or perhaps you are just not happy to go in & cover for that particular position/location - In any case, you are not obliged to cover & you have the freedom to decline the offer.
  4. Great look on your CV / resume - being able to mention the fact that you have or are registered with Find an Orthoptist for any Urgent or Random positions, really shows future employers your keen & eager to work attitude. That flexibility, especially to be called upon at short notice, will certainly be admired by employers.




HOW to Register your "Days Off" ?

(1) Submit the registration form on this page.

(2) Your name/details will remain confidential and will not be visible on this site to others.

(3) Your name & contact details will be used to sms you, when any urgent or random position arises & later given to the relevant Ophthalmic practice if you express interest in the position.

(4) IMPORTANT: Once you have submitted your registration form, you must email your: CV, Graduation Certificate & AOB registration (if registered with AOB)

EMAIL instructions:

* Attach your:  CV & Graduation Certificate / also AOB registration (if registered) in the same one blank email

* Subject your email as: "Your name": CV & Grad Certificate   OR    "Your name": CV, Grad Certificate, AOB registration.

* Email to: [email protected]

*Ensure this email is sent immediately after the online registration form is submitted. Your submitted registration form will not be processed if it is not followed by an email containing your: CV & Graduation Certificate. Please include your AOB registration if registered. Orthoptists who are not registered with the AOB may still register.


(5)  On receiving both your registration form & email - Find an Orthoptist will then give you a welcome call.


For the: Already employed FULL TIME Orthoptist

Already employed full time Orthoptists are encouraged to keep in touch with Find an Orthoptist whenever they may have periods or days off eg: when their usual Ophthalmologist suddenly needs to go away or will be having an extended holiday or when you must take compulsory leave. You may still contact Find an Orthoptist & a note of your once-off availability will be noted.

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