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job advertising site for all types of Orthoptic positions across Australia.

This site, the first of its kind, is unique, since not only does it cater for the usual advertised longterm/locum positions, but it allows Orthoptists to be contacted urgently for spontaneous positions which may arise suddenly  eg: same day/ next day or for even random isolated day/s ahead.


OPHTHALMOLOGIST's may use this site to:

  • Find an Orthoptist either: longterm or locum, by advertising the position on this site. (international positions can also be posted).
  • Locate urgently needed Orthoptists, by lodging an urgent request on this site, which reveals an urgent mobile number to call (see: 'Understanding the find urgently process' under Ophthalmologists).

ORTHOPTIST's may use this site to:

  • View longterm or locum job listings and apply directly to the practice.
  • Register for free if they wish to be notified via: sms should an urgent position arise. (see: ‘Understanding the registering process’ under Orthoptist's)

Ophthal: It’s 7am! - “HELP!! My Orthoptist has just called in sick and we have a FULL list of patients - would be a nightmare to have to cancel/rebook these patients!”

Solution: Click “Find Urgently” and Find-an-Orthoptist will endeavour to locate an available orthoptist for today.




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Register for free, to
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Understanding the process

Orthoptist: “I really, really need to take the next two Thursdays off - but feel so bad as Thursdays are always so hectic and I know no one can cover me!”

Solution: Don’t feel bad - click “Find urgently” and Find-an-Orthoptist will endeavour to locate an available orthoptist for the next two Thursdays.

Orthoptist: “I’m off every Mon & alternate Fri’s, but really would prefer if i was working 5 days”

Solution: Register for free  with find-an-orthoptist & whenever an urgent/ spontaneous position arises for a Mon or Fri, you will be notified.

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