Why Advertise with us?

When you place an Ad with us not only will your position be uploaded onto our dedicated listing page on our website, but it will also be posted all over social media by the appearance of a new ‘Ad alert’ (example below) via our Find an Orthoptist pages on (Facebook, Linkedin (2 locations), Twitter, Instagram).

Example of a new 'Ad alert' on social media (specific to your Ad) :


The benefit of having a new ‘Ad alert’ on social media allows your advertised position to really be circulated far & wide to your target audience– reaching far more Orthoptists including those Orthoptists not actively looking for a new position, who may very well consider the position when it “comes to them” on social media.

Your Ad will reach far more potential applicants as so many Orthoptists are connected to us via our 4 social media pathways.

Orthoptists connect with us because:

  • Find an Orthoptist is constantly engaging with Orthoptists on social media (please see examples of our interesting posts located on our homepage scrolling towards the end). These really invite Orthoptists to connect with us.
  • Orthoptists have a strong & immediate incline to wanting to connect with us, as we are specific to their profession.

Find an Orthoptist is different from other advertising websites because:

  • Other Advertising websites are so broad /not specific/ often attracting applicants not even qualified as Orthoptists. Find an Orthoptist only attracts those qualified in the Orthoptic/ Ophthalmic Industry.
  • Other advertising websites involve a single static ad which remains just on their job listing page - whereas Find an Orthoptist includes multiple appearances of your advertised position all over social media, which circulate far & wide attracting far more Orthoptists.


A 'Promotive post' on Social Media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

* A Promotive post can really highlight anything about the position.  It's your chance to really invite the Orthoptist & highlight a main point, with other points branching from this. It uses a nice relevant graphic & an interesting tag line, which draws Orthoptists to know more, supporting the original ad. It also incorporates the Ophthalmic practice/ company logo.
* Find an Orthoptist can draft a promotive post for you independently or incorporate any ideas/ wording /or pic suggestions which you may have, working with you to try & draw the right Orthoptist to apply for the position.
*The main tagline of each promotive post is never repeated, with the intension of the main tagline phrase/wording to be as unique as possible, keeping the Orthoptic audience engaged & more importantly giving your advertised position the attention it deserves.
* The promotive post will be posted on 4 social media platforms: Linkedin (2 locations),  Facebook , Twitter, Instagram.
* Definitely a fantastic way to support & promote the original ad posted on our website.

Below are some examples of our “Promotive Posts” which have been posted & circulated on social media: ……..