Payments can be made via: paypal or direct bank deposit.

Placing a longterm/locum ad:

  • one off payment /no expiry


$165.00 - Ad placed onto the Find an Orthoptist website

$65.00 - (additional option when an ad is placed / highly recommended ) - for initial social media circulation by placing a 'new ad alert' on our 4 social media platforms: Linkedin (in 2 locations), Twitter, Instagram & Facebook ie: 5 locations on social media. Hash tags are also used when posting on social media to aid with wide spread. Highly recommended for maximizing your reach to Orthoptists.

TOTAL = $230.00


$30.00 - re posting of the 'new ad alert'  (additional option when the above initial social media circulation is applied) - you may re-post your new ad "alert" on social media as many times as you wish, in order to minimize the right applicant from missing it on social media. Each re-post on social media = $30.00, includes posting on all 5 social media locations (Facebook, Linkedin (2 locations), Twitter, Instagram). If for example you wish to re-post on social media (twice) then thats appearance of your ad in 10 locations ( 2 x 5 social media locations) OR if you choose to repost on social media (four times) then thats appearance of your ad in 20 locations  (4 x 5 social media locations). Reposting can be whatever number of times you choose, with reposting performed at calculated & variable times to maximize exposure. The more you repost the more chances of minimizing the right applicant from missing it on social media. [ To really get your position out there, reposting at least 4 times is recommended, ie: appearance in 20 locations:  cost: 4 x $30.00 =  $120.00 total, for best coverage on social media then reposting 8 times is recommended, ie: appearance in 40 locations: cost 8x $30.00 = $240.00)

Additional = $120.00 ( for x4 reposting) - recommended at least

Additional = $240.00 (for x8 reposting) - recommended as best coverage




Urgent or Random Request

  • FREE to lodge an urgent or random request
  • Payment only to be paid once an Orthoptist is organized
  • Days may or may not be consecutive / may be completely random with no pattern       [please see: full ‘terms & conditions’]

$230. 00  - for same day/ next day/ any random single day.

  • In the event a practice/company employs a candidate provided by Find an Orthoptist on a permanent/ongoing basis it is subject to an alternate pricing/fee arrangement; made up of a percentage (10%) of the candidate's first year remuneration. This is in addition to any locum, urgent/ random fulfillment fees previously agreed for days already serviced. This permanent employment fee may be subject to negotiation, please contact Find an Orthoptist to discuss.




Finding a specific Orthoptist

Find an Orthoptist may be able to refer an Orthoptist to you who meets the certain criteria your looking for eg: must be fast & accurate with refractions or must be confident with assessing kids/ in pediatric clinics.

(contact Find an Orthoptist)



'Promotive post'on social media

 Additional:  $180.00

- Includes the drafting of /& creation of  a promotive post. With unlimited revisions, until the right look & feel of the Ad is achieved. Find an Orthoptist may draft something independently and/or incorporate any ideas/wording/pics which you may suggest.

- Includes: One posting of the Promotive Post on 4 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (2 locations) &  Instagram.

- Hash tags are also used for wider spread on social media when posted.

- Promotive Posts: Is your chance to really invite the right Orthoptist & highlight a main point with other points branching from this. It uses a nice relevant graphic & an interesting tag line, which draws Orthoptists to know more, supporting the original ad. It also incorporates the Ophthalmic practice/ company logo. For more information about 'promotive posts' & to see examples : click on "Why Advertise with us?" located on our Homepage.


Additional: $30.00

- To re-post your promotive post.

-  Each re-post, includes the re-posting of your promotive post in 5 social media locations: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (2 locations) & Instagram.

- Re posting can be done unlimited times / as many times as you wish to really put your Ad out there /minimizing the chances of your ad being missed by the right Orthoptist.

(For more information on re-posting, please scroll back to beginning of this cost page, to re-posting of 'new ad alert'. Re-posting of both a 'new ad alert' & promotive post, works the same way)



Internationally, Placing an ad:

As above + conversion fee  (Australian dollars)

Classifieds note on Social Media:

FREE - When you need to express something to the other Orthoptists out there - contact Find an Orthoptist.


FOR Ophthalmologists:

  1. Q: Is the extra option of circulating an ad on social media, really necessary? If an Orthoptist is looking for work they would search themselves
  • A: Circulating awareness on social media is definately a great way to draw in more Orthoptists. Yes, of course an Orthoptist looking for work would be activlely looking- but sometimes the right Orthoptists are just not applying  & the perfect Orthoptist may very well be out there but unfortunately employed elsewhere, so how to reach that already employed perfect Orthoptist? the only way is via: social media, where the ad "will come to them" & perhaps that perfect Orthoptist who is already employed elsewhere, may very well get thinking about applying. So for a small extra fee, its definately money well spent, to ensure you have really maximized all pathways in reaching Orthoptists as far & as wide as possible.
  1. Q: Unsure if this position should be posted as a “locum” or should i utilize the "find urgently” service?
  • A: Generally,”Find urgently” is when you truly need an Orthoptist on the same day, next day or perhaps in the next few days. It can also be useful for those spontaneous one-off days ahead eg: “next month on Tuesday”. Locum positions are more so for days which can be planned ahead with plenty of notice & are generally abit longer in duration eg: maternity leave/holidays. If however, theres a Locum position for a short-time but has plenty of notice eg: “4 days required in 2 months time”, then such a position should be posted on the Locum listing and as a bonus Find an Orthoptist can also sms Orthoptists on the urgent listing, at no extra charge (Contact Find an Orthoptist if interested in sending an sms, if posting a Locum ad as described).

FOR Orthoptists:

  1. Q: I work full-time, but in April my Ophthalmologist always goes away for atleast 3 weeks, so I’ll be free then - should i notify Find-an-Orthoptist about this?
  • A: Yes, still notify Find-an-Orthoptist, as a note will be made of your availability during this time (no need to register, just contact find-an-Orthoptist) .


  1. Q: I've registered with Find an Orthoptist, that i'm available on Mondays-  but as yet, I haven't received any urgent sms requests to fill in?
  • A: Remember, you will only receive an sms to fill in, if it falls on the day that you have registered as off. Since your day off is Monday, you will only ever receive an sms if a clinic needs someone on a Monday. You will not receive any sms if its any other day, other than Monday.


  1. Q: I've registered my day-off as being 'Tuesday' & 'every 2nd Thursday' with Find an Orthoptist, but now i really would like to work full-time, do i need to contact Find an Orthoptist about this?
  • A: Yes, keep in touch will Find an Orthoptist & Find an Orthoptist will list you as looking for full-time work aswell. Speak with Find an Orthoptist, outline your wants & needs & Find an Orthoptist will certainly keep you in mind, when a relevant full-time position comes up. Sometimes clinics speak with Find an Orthoptist first before an official position is advertised, so if Find an Orthoptist is aware of you, you could very well be offered the position first, before anything is actually advertised.


  1. Q: I've seen advertisements about Find an Orthoptist helping find Orthoptists permanent work - casual/part-time/ full-time? Surely Find an Orthoptist will charge Orthoptists a fee of some sort or even a cut from the Orthoptists salary, like recruitment companies do?
  • A: Absolutely not. Find an Orthoptist prides itself on not charging Orthoptists a single cent! Find an Orthoptist supports Orthoptists 100% & receives no cut from the Orthoptists hourly rate of pay or salary. Find an Orthoptist does not charge any fees to Orthoptists either - making Find an Orthoptist, the preferred platform for all Orthoptists to be connected with.