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Urgent or Random Requests

Quickly request an Orthoptist or Optometrist to fill in when your usual Orthoptist or Optometrist can not work, either on the:  same day, next day or on any random day ahead.

We have been very successful at organizing even extremely urgent requests where an Orthoptist is required to work on the same day within couple of hours!

Perfect for when your usual Orthoptist or Optometrist is sick or unable to work for whatever reason.

This service is also very handy if you need an interim Orthoptist / Optometrist to work, while you wait for responses from a recently placed job ad.

Who exactly can you request ?

You may request the following specific professions to work urgently or randomly:

  • Orthoptists
  • Optometrists
  • Ophthalmic Technicians/ Assistants
  • Ophthalmic Nurses


UNDERSTANDING: The ‘Urgent or Random’ Request process


What does the Practice need to do? 


  1. Fill & submit the: ‘Lodge an Urgent or Random Request Form” (adjacent)
  2. Once you click “Lodge” a mobile number will appear for you to call – you must call this number.  Failure to call this number will result in an unprocessed Request Form. (No need to call if you have been in a recent conversation with us & we are already are aware that you are due to submit a request

NOTE: Within the request form under: “other comments” – Practices may request certain preferences eg: must have at least 5 years of clinical experience / must be fast at refractions / must be good with children & squints.


LATER On receiving the applicants details

  1. The practice must contact the applicant directly to disclose the finer details eg: Practice name, Address, parking details .etc.
  2. The practice must also complete an email of agreement*  which we will send to you at the same time as sending the applicants details.



What will we do?

  1. On receiving both the request form & call from the practice – we will text message all the relevant candidates who are known to be available for the requested day or days.  [Only main general details will be disclosed to the applicants eg: Suburb to work at / When to work / rate of pay/ tests to be performed – finer details are disclosed by the practice]
  2. The first best fit applicant will be mentioned to the practice.
  3. If the practice is happy with the mentioned applicant, then the applicant will be notified as being successful for the position.
  4. The applicants: CV/ qualification proof + email of confirmation* will then be emailed to the practice, where the practice will then make contact.


  • In the event where all our registered Orthoptists / Optometrists are unavailable to cover – we will then post the urgent/ random position on our website listing page + all our over social media (no Charge for this)  in order to reach other potential applicants who may be available but are not registered with us on our database.



* Email of Agreement – A legal written agreement where by the practice agrees to & signs off on that the practice will not contact the arranged applicant again in future themselves for additional work. Practices MUST contact us first & we will contact the requested applicant ourselves. Contacting the applicant to work for another request without our knowledge is a breach of the terms & conditions. Our registered Orthoptists also sign off on an agreement, that they are also not allowed to accept future requests from previously worked at practices, without our consent *

* Email of Confirmation – Is the agreement in writing from the applicant themselves, that they agree to cover the request of the practice.





  • FREE To lodge a request
  • NO CHARGE if we are unable to source someone to cover
  • Practices to pay: Finders fee (cost of locating & organizing an Orthoptist or Optometrist to cover)   PLUS  pay the hourly rate directly to the Orthoptist / Optometrist.

PLEASE NOTE: We aim to locate an available best fit Orthoptist / Optometrist who can cover at the LEAST hourly rate of pay as possible.

  • View our Finders Fees : PLEASE CLICK HERE
  • Please note: A cancelation fee of $90.00 will be applicable if the process of locating & organizing cover has began & the practice no longer requires cover. If the applicant is fully organized & the practice no longer requires cover, then the practice is obliged to pay our finders fee invoice in full (instead of the cancelation fee)
  • Full terms & conditions: PLEASE CLICK HERE